A series of sketch comedies

Are you stressed by work? Is your boss a pain in the – ahem! Girlfriend giving you a headache? Husband’s ignoring your sexual urges? Your dog not paying any attention to you? Dad treating you like a kid? Mom treating you like a kid? Feeling like a kid? Is the world spinning around?

Then – you need some NONSENSE in your life!

NONSENSICAL IDIOSYNCRASIES – is a series of absurd and ridiculous comic sketches – written and directed by Lionel Chok – and done with 4 absolutely brilliant actors – including Denise Tan of Power 95FM, Sean Yeo, Alan Johnson & Leynette Rasiah!

Catch it at The Substation Guinness Theater – Sat 30th and Sun 31st of March! Tickets now on sale – call 63377535 for more information or email stage_show@mail.com for more info on what nonsense’s coming your way!

Nonsensical Idiosyncrasies is proudly presented by The Substation and supported by The NAC. POWER 98FM is the official radio station for the show!

Nonsensical Idiosyncrasies 2

NONSENSICAL IDIOSYNCRASIES – is back! With more absurd, whimsical, funny, preposterous, inane, ridiculous, (have I used all the adjectives here?) nonsense than before, this series of entertaining comedic sketches – will leave you spinning in your seats! It’s time to celebrate more nonsense and idiosyncrasies again!

Starring: Sean Yeo, Teo Kiat Sing, Alan Johnson and Leynette Rasiah

Writer/Director: Lionel Chok

Designer: Eve Tan

Showtimes: Thurs 17 April – 8pm (preview), Sat 19 April – 8pm and Sun 20 April – 4 & 8pm

Venue: The Substation Guinness Theater

Tickets: The Substation Box Office – $12 and $10 (Cons and Students) Call 63377800

Supported by: The Substation, Lee Foundation, National Arts Council, Aquafire Productions, Fly Entertainment