Show Format: Full length three-act play (No interval)

Venue: The Substation Guinness Theatre

Duration: 85 minutes (Approx)

Period: 6 shows – 8pm nightly from Thurs to Sun 17th to 20th March ’05 (with Matinees at 3pm on Sat 19th and Sun 20th)

Tickets: $20 and $18 (concs) through The Substation Box Ofice. Call 63377800.

Rating: M (18)

Featuring: Edric Hsu, Grace Wan, Craig Ower, Gillian Tan, and introducing Richard kiely

Synopsis: NICK is a fanatical movie buff who’s so down-and-out of love; that he’s divorced… Approaching mid thirties and a possible mid life crisis, he escapes his predicament by listening to endless tips on how to make it with the ladies through a close confidante – who happens to be an outrageous recurring hallucination of JACK – from Titanic the movie! Along the way, his married friends – BEN and AMY – try to fix him up with several eligible dates, but all to no avail… Eventually, NICK discoveres that the one woman who is right for him – is none other than – his best friend’s wife…

Production Design: Tania Sng and Mark Tan

Video: Mark Tan

Supported by: The Substation, Aquafire Productions, Emeharkeh Consultancy & Productions